St. Paisios

Saint Paisios the Athonite, or mostly known as Elder Paisios of Mount Athos (before he was canonized), was an Orthodox Christian monk who became one of the holiest figures in Greece in the past decades. His holiness is acknowledged worldwide, not only by Orthodox Christians but also by many faithful of other religions, which alone shows that his popularity after he passed away is not accidental.

Books about Elder Paisios and the miracles he worked have been translated into many languages due to the people’s increased interest in learning more about his holy life.

Elder Paisios had received countless gifts from God, which he then used towards making everyone’s life better and more meaningful. Just to mention a few, he could foresee events in the future, cure diseases, or know what everyone had in their hearts and answer before they asked for his advice. But, most importantly, he had a special gift to restore everyone’s inner peace in a few minutes. There were many cases where people who had previously gone to famous doctors or psychologists without finding a cure solved their problems after some discussion with Elder Paisios. They couldn’t figure out what happened, but as they all said, they left him relieved and gained back their good self.

Elder Paisios never discriminated against people based on their beliefs and religion. He helped everyone who asked for his help as long as they had good intentions and did not see him as a “magician” who worked miracles. He was very humble, helped people silently, and never wanted to be known. He always said he considered himself a rusty tin that reflected the sunlight, and thus people mistakenly thought he was something special. He never used his gifts to impress whoever approached him, but instead, he prayed and mostly worked miracles when nobody could see him. He always asked people he helped not to tell anyone what they saw or heard. An amusing event outside his humble hut smartly showed that he wanted to advise only those with good intentions and never liked making impressions. Three young guys went there not because they really wanted advice, not because they believed in God and his Saints, but just to see some “magic tricks.” They told him they would believe in God if he made a miracle before them. Elder Paisios went into his hut and returned with a knife in his hands. “What are you going to do?” asked the three young guys, scared enough to almost lose the color of their faces. “Don’t you want a miracle?” he replied. “I will cut off your heads, and then I will put them back with a miracle…!” After that event, the three guys understood that their approach was not the most appropriate, that Saints always use their gifts when there is a serious reason, and primarily out of the spotlight.

Elder Paisios passed away in 1994. He is considered by all Greeks and by all people abroad who met him or read about him, one of the most prominent Saints of our times. Not only did he show people that God, Jesus Christ, The Virgin Mary, the Angels & all Saints are real, but he also made thousands of them get out of their selfishness and care more for others.

After meeting with Elder Paisios, people who had flatly claimed they were atheists changed their minds completely. Regardless of whether someone believes in God or not, the life of Elder Paisios, the miracles he worked during his life, as well as the miracles he has continued to work after he passed away are worth reading. Not only ordinary people but people from every walk of life acknowledge Elder Paisios’s holiness. Prominent doctors, lawyers, reporters, and scientists from every scientific field believe he is one of the biggest Saints of our times. It is worth mentioning that the word “Saint” does not mean just a good person who has done countless good deeds, as some religions claim. Instead, saints are notably humble, have almost zero pride and ego, lead a very simple and holy life, receive unique gifts from God, and through their ongoing prayers, they become like Jesus Christ.

Elder Paisios was not the only holy figure who lived in Greece in recent years. Elder Porfyrios & Elder Iakovos Tsalikis received similar gifts from God, and together with Elder Paisios are believed to be the holiest contemporary Saints in Greece. The miracles worked by them after they passed away are undeniably the strongest evidence of their sainthood.

Like Elder Paisios, Porfyrios, and Iakovos, many Elders have lived in many other countries where the Orthodox Christian faith is alive. They, too, helped thousands of people with their holy presence the miracles they worked.


Elder Paisios spoke to many politicians and military officers about unfortunate events we will face soon. The military in Greece, as well as some politicians, are prepared for all those events. His indisputable holy life, virtues, gifts, and the fact that all he had foreseen for countless people became a reality, have left no doubt that all he foresaw, too, about Greece, Turkey, Russia, and a Third World War will happen soon. For years, especially the first years after he passed away, few spoke openly about those sad events simply because nobody wanted to cause panic. However, especially in the past ten years, almost everyone in this world has heard or read something about all those prophesies made by Elder Paisios. The internet has already been filled with his precious words and teachings. He knew that people wouldn’t believe his words and advised believers, especially the first years, not to speak about them often because others would laugh at them. As years went by, and as more and more people, not necessarily Orthodox Christians, started realizing how genuine Elder Paisios was, they started speaking about his words now and then. Many believe that the events he talked about will start soon because many signs he had revealed have already begun to be seen.

Elder Paisios loved all people profoundly and genuinely. What he revealed was for preparing them for what would come. That way, they could cope with that without despair, but instead with patience and prayers to God. He constantly and consistently said that all these bad developments must be made for some good reasons, but after that, the whole world will be living in peace for many years without even a single war. He was also saying that after those events, so many people will be able to see that God does exist, they will genuinely begin believing in Him, and specifically in Jesus Christ. “Then, too many people will become Orthodox Christians,” he said.

Elder Paisios occasionally spoke to many people about what they would see in the following years in the Aegean Sea, and by extension, in the whole world. He said that he will have passed away when all those happen, but he emphasized that the young generation will see all those massive changes in the world. Shortly before he passed away, he said he would like to live some years more to see all those events happening. The first signs of what he prophesied about Greece, Turkey, a third World War, the collapse of the European Union, and many other matters have started showing up. Among other revelations, Elder Paisios spoke about all those about 40 years ago… Few faithful only believed him at that time. The rest sarcastically laughed at his words, but now they are very skeptical while watching the developments in the entire world. Elder Paisios always stressed that he loved all people from every country as long as they had the will to be better and not harm others. He was so sad that all those bad events would occur, but he knew that everything always happens for a reason, and God knows better than anyone (as he said) what is good for the people and the world. He often emphasized that although people in Greece and Turkey have so much in common, unfortunately, some politicians will create some serious conflicts that will have disastrous results for a few countries, and later on for all the big nations and the whole world.

Below, there are briefly some of the revelations and prophecies that Elder Paisios made about Istanbul (Constantinople), the Aegean Sea, and the rest of the world:

“Unfortunately, Turkey is going to be severely damaged soon.” 

“…and then the Russian will intervene and after negotiations between the big powers, Istanbul (Constantinople), for some reasons, will be given again to Greece because that move will serve the benefits of the big countries.”

He said to a military officer of high rank: “I’ll have passed away, and I won’t be able to see you in the parade when the Greek army will be marching in Istanbul.”

“The Turkish military at one point will grow aggressive claiming that some neighboring Greek islands belong to them whereas all nations know full well that this is completely wrong and baseless.”

“When the Turkish fleet starts heading to some Greek islands and reaches six miles, unfortunately, it is going to be totally destroyed, but that is not going to be done by us. That will be the beginning of the end…”

“After that serious conflict between Greece and Turkey, a big and devastating war will erupt between Russia and Turkey. In the beginning, the Turkish will think that they are winning, but the Russians will eventually be the winners, and they will take Istanbul-Constantinople in their hands. Then, they will be forced for some reason to give it back to us.”

“Turkey will be severely damaged. From the Turkish population, the 1 / 3 will go to where they had started, in the depths of Turkey, 1 / 3 will be saved and are going to be Christians, and the last 1 / 3 unfortunately, will be killed in that war.”

“Agia Sofia church will become again Greek after so many years.”

“Turkey will be divided into 3-4 parts. We will take our land, the land we had in the past, the Armenians will take their own, and the Kurds, too, will take their own. The Kurdish issue has already been underway. These events will not happen right now, but soon when this generation of politicians in Turkey will step down and a new generation will govern the country.” (This was said 30-40 years ago)

“England and U.S.A will give us back Istanbul-Constantinople.”

“Turkey will make one only attack to Greece, but we’re not going to have casualties at all. We’re only going to face a hunger for a few months. So, try to keep a small piece of land and have it cultivated to be able to cope with that tough period.”

“When you hear on TV more often than in the past that the relations between Turkey and Greece are becoming very tense regarding the extension of the territorial waters between the two countries, the war is on the corner.” (That has already started…)

“After Turkey attacks Greece, the Russians will attack Turkey from the North for their own reasons. After that, you will see other European countries, namely England, France, Italy, and some other six to seven countries, going over there to take their share of the Turkish land.”

“The Greek government will make the wise decision not to send troops. We will keep the army only at the borders. That will be a great blessing because every country involved in that war will be severely damaged.” 

“The use of the waters of Euphrates for irrigation by the Turkish will be a sign that the time has come for that big war.” (That has already started)

“After those very unfortunate events, Russia will continue the war to the Persian Gulf, and it will stop its troops out of Jerusalem. Then, the Western powers will notice the Russians withdraw their troops from those areas; that will take as long as it takes cabbage to grow, which means six months. Russia, however, will not withdraw its forces. Then, the Western powers will begin assembling troops to attack the Russians. A great massacre will follow… The war will be global, and Russians will be the losers. The big cities will become slums. We the Greeks will not participate in that global war.”

“You, as a civil engineer, (Elder Paisios said to a young student of the University of Xanthi), will help in the rebuild of Istanbul-Constantinople because the City will be rebuilt from scratch.

All these prophecies sound a little weird to someone who reads or hears them for the very first time. However, the holiness of Elder Paisios is acknowledged not only by simple, ordinary, or religious people but even by others who initially didn’t believe in God, from distinguished doctors and lawyers to journalists, military leaders, and other famous public figures. Whatever Elder Paisios had foreseen for countless people, all came true… Elder Paisios has mentioned those tough times in every detail. He said that we could not avoid these unfortunate events because we cannot go against God’s will, but we can help all these events be less devastating with our prayers. He always emphasized the importance of prayer.

Elder Paisios sympathized so much with people who encountered any kind of problems. When he was saying all those above, he many times cried without being able to stop. Whenever he saw a nation against another nation, he felt intense pain, but we cannot do anything, as he always said, when that is God’s will… Elder Paisios wanted people to be prepared to cope with all the above unfortunate events with patience and prayers; as a result, there would be the least casualties possible. As he stressed, God always listens to our prayers when coming from deep inside and then gives us what we ask him if it is for our good.

Let’s hope that all the above do not happen… But, in case they do, let’s remember that all people and every nation have so much in common, and we should all live in peace, opposing any aggressive politicians who like creating conflicts for their reasons every time.


The following books are all links that direct to online sites to purchase them. There is no benefit from providing the links, and there is no commission. Instead, they are provided to make it easier for all to read about Elder’s holy life, so they ultimately become better and happier.

Elder Paisios of the Holy Mountain / The Gurus, the Young Man, and Elder Paisios   / Spiritual Counsels I: With Pain and Love for Contemporary Man  / Spiritual Counsels II: Spiritual Awakening / Spiritual Counsels III: Spiritual Struggle / Spiritual Counsels IV: Family Life / Spiritual Counsels V: Passions and Virtues


The playlist on YouTube with carefully selected videos about St. Paisios and the Orthodox Christian Faith

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The Holy Elder Paisios is officially among the newest Saints of the Orthodox Christian Religion today. The Greek Orthodox Christian Church canonized him on January 13, 2015. His memory is honored every year on July 12.


A few photos of Elder Paisios so those who didn’t have the good fortune to meet him can “meet” him through his pictures and take some blessing that emits from them.

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