The Holy Communion

Your will & humility

If one does not want to believe, even if real miracles were worked before them, they would not believe; they would always find an excuse for their unwillingness to accept God’s existence. After all, isn’t it exactly what happened at the time when Christ worked never-before-seen miracles, and people not only did not believe but also crucified him? Let’s also remember that besides your willingness to believe, humility opens your eyes too to see clearly. Pride and ego swallow one’s heart and “blind” it. Then, there is no way for them to see the truth unless they give way to even some tiny bits of humility.

A unique phenomenon

The Holy Communion received in the Orthodox Christian Religion is the only Holy Communion worldwide taken with the same little spoon by all faithful at the end of every Divine Liturgy. Bread and wine are mixed and blessed by the priest and are taken by the faithful with the same little spoon at the end of the Liturgy. The same unique way of taking the Body and Blood of Christ has been used for centuries. All the other “branches” of Christian Religion use either some pieces of bread dipped in wine and taken by hand or bread and wine in a pill form (which both are distributed to the faithful by the priest.)

Have you ever thought of this?

In all the centuries of the Orthodox Christian Church’s history, neither any Orthodox Christian priest nor any faithful has ever been transmitted any disease known to transmit by saliva. Isn’t it strange, if not extraordinary? All priests also consume the Holy Communion that is left after the end of the Divine Liturgy. Shouldn’t all the Orthodox Christian priests have become ill and been ailed by diseases transmitted through saliva like hepatitis A, B, C, Epstein-Barr Virus (mononucleosis, herpes), viral meningitis, cytomegalovirus, strep throat, influenza, and so on?  Do you think that if something like that ever happened, it would go unnoticed by the media and press, especially in the society we live in today where many journalists seek scandals every day? Impressive is also the fact that over the centuries, there were Orthodox priests who were appointed to serve lepers (Hansen’s Disease), but they never became ill though they received the Holy Communion left at the end of the Liturgy. An excellent example of that is St. Anthimos of Chios, Greece. So, let’s remember that the Holy Communion is the Blood and Body of Christ, which blesses everyone who takes it… Suppose an Orthodox Christian doubts the Holy Communion and does not receive it from fear of diseases. In that case, they shouldn’t call themselves Orthodox Christians as the Holy Communion is the center of each divine liturgy and Orthodoxy. 

Keep your mind wide open

Be cautious! If you ever hear in the future anything that opposes this unique phenomenon in the Orthodox Christian Religion, think twice before you believe it. After its uniqueness is stressed here in this post, many “smart” enemies of this true religion may think of ways to dispute it through man-made scandals that will supposedly show that its uniqueness is fake. If things like that ever happen, just think twice and see the blessing that the real Holy Communion gives through the centuries to all the Orthodox Christian faithful.

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