I am not that happy about that… Even though the evidence of significant amounts of pesticides in certain produce is indisputable, we still consume them in large quantities. Given that fact, I am asking: who is to blame, the companies that excessively use all those pesticides to increase the yield and profits, or the consumers who don’t pay attention?

Sadly, even when we know which products are not very good, we don’t take action, and we keep consuming them. Then, when diseases appear, we wonder why… We forget that the consumers have great power in their hands and, with their wise choices, can “tell” the companies what to produce and what not to produce. We are not smart when thinking we are immortal and nothing bad will ever happen to us.

Unfortunately, fruit or vegetables that are in first place on the list with the produce with the most pesticides are being consumed as much as years ago when we were unaware. Apple, for example, is known to be among the most consumed fruit in New York. Unfortunately, we still keep saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” instead, we should humorously say, “Doctors today keep apples away.” Apple, many times was at first place on the list of produce with the most pesticides, according to official data of a prominent organization.

Every responsible consumer should find the most reliable and trusted organization in their country with information about food pesticides. Then, when we know the products with the most harmful substances, we should make choices that shield and boost our health.

Buying organic is a good solution when we can afford them. However, many consumers still wonder whether organic products are organic. That is understandable, as there have been cases where companies labeled products organic, whereas they were not organic. Those are very few exceptions, though. In general, organic food is always better than non-organic. It does not mean that an organic product is necessarily 100% organic, but at least its production involves the least harmful substances possible.

So yes, if we can, it is good to buy organic. After all, the prices have dropped compared to the past when they first appeared on the market. Even if we cannot afford to buy organic, when we prefer a product with less harmful substances to another that we know is not good, that is also an excellent course of action. The companies get the message, and they improve their product.

We have two options. 1. We either buy organic (at least in cases when we know that the products we love have vast amounts of pesticides), or 2. start saving money for expensive health insurance that covers every disease, from the least to the most serious.

Remember that investing early in our health always pays off sooner or later. Also, remember that moderation always keeps us on the right path. We should avoid going to the edges, as the edges usually hide some risks.

If we don’t want to pay attention now and say, “let’s enjoy life and whatever happens…,” it is okay; it is an option, too. Everyone should lead a life the way they wish. Remember that we usually regret bad eating habits, not when we are young (when health is often at its best) but when we are older.

Many people in their fifties or later want to slow down their rhythms, rest, and enjoy life more. Unfortunately, more health issues may appear then, ruining their beautiful and balanced life. There is always a solution, of course. We shouldn’t panic if health issues arrive. However, it is a fact that when we are more mature, we appreciate our health and life more. We may have more time to dive into life and enjoy it the most; we may have a family and want to enjoy our kids’ achievements and plan more vacations or other pleasant activities. But then, regarding our diet, it may be late. Some damage to our health has already been done, and a few things we dream of for the present and the near future may need to be put on the back burner, at least for a while.

We then understand that for a healthy diet and a way of life in general, it is never too… early!

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