Tons of money is spent daily on miraculous products that promise to keep us young forever, products that aim solely at our skin. They are useful. They have their place in our lives, but they address the problem externally rather than internally. They may make skin look a little better, but it shines better when it shines from within. It is like we have a state-of-the-art refrigerator with spoiled food inside. Is it that useful? Humans… How foolish we are. We spend a fortune on cosmetics to look more beautiful and prevent aging. We sometimes prefer to have no food to eat or eat poor-quality food to have money for cosmetics! Don’t we understand that beauty and good health come first from the inside? Don’t we realize that all those products just mask our poor diet and lack of exercise? Exercise, adequate sleep, and a healthy diet are the most powerful weapons against aging.

Tons of money is spent daily on high-quality products that promise to keep our cars “young” forever. We use the best motor oils for our vehicles and often spend a fortune on the best service ever. Humans…How foolish we are. We love our cars more than ourselves. We give them our best, but we give our bodies junk food every day.

Multiple factors affect our good health, some of which we cannot control that much, such as environmental pollution, radiation, and many more. So we should pay attention to those factors we can handle better, like food, smoking, alcohol, etc.

Remember, we are fools when we don’t do so. Then, no complaints… Let’s not complain when health problems come to our door.  As long as we have no time to cook and only consume junk and processed food, a heart attack is a matter of time… As long as we don’t care about what we eat, when health issues say hi, let’s welcome them with open arms, hug them and… enjoy them! It is that simple.

Published: March 20th, 2023 | Last Edited: March 20th, 2023 | MY BLOG |


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