How it all began

New York City rarely leaves someone untouched. Most love it, some just like it, and few like it less. Yes, some people don’t like New York, too. Those get disappointed because they expect to see an elegant city from one side to the other, as they are used to seeing in movies and TV series. No, New York is not like that. It has everything, the elegant places and the ordinary ones, the clean and the dirty neighborhoods, the safe and the dangerous. New York is not a city you can explore in one or two weeks, as most tourists try to do. It needs years.

When you ask a New Yorker to tell you something about the city, they usually say: “New York needs at least five years to explore and say you know it.” I can now say with great certainty that it needs more than that. Even New Yorkers themselves do not know their city. Many of them know their neighborhood or borough but very little about the rest of the city. Every block is different, and every neighborhood is unique. Although the whole city has a general architectural style, every area has its special character. You live in New York, and every day is different. You don’t know what you will come across on your way. It is a city in which you never get bored. That is what I wanted to show all when I came up with the idea of this Project: the reasons people love this city so much and feel that every day in it is like no other.

When looking online for New York photos, you usually see the most visited landmarks and attractions. However, New York is not only about those places. It is also about all the other sites tourists rarely visit. All those places and famous landmarks make the city the most diverse city in the world. That diversity is often missing from websites that feature the city. That diversity I wanted to show all when I started building this beautiful Project. That diversity I continue to show. I simply love it. Enjoy it, and let it inspire you…!