To those who want to get the most out of life… Anything is possible, even the craziest dreams, as long as we know how to unlock the secrets of life, listen to our gut, and love what we do.

Even with simple “ingredients,” we can make delicious “dishes” as long as there is the passion needed!

Basic knowledge without that passion is useless. It cannot change lives and make a difference. Even if everything else is missing, passion can lead to a great path where knowledge, money, and whatever else sought in life may be attained. Life is more than a regular job, a family, or trips to beloved destinations.

Let’s find our passion and let it guide us. Then, we love… ourselves, our spouses, family, friends, and all around us. When it is missing, we are lost. That passion is above all. It is one of the big secrets in life. Let’s find it and let it guide us.

Kosmas Bogiatzis