Dear friend!

Dear friend, you are the happiest in this city! Everyone loves you! You enjoy the parks and the walk on the broad sidewalks, eat well, and live in loving families.

Yes, New York City loves you! It’s a fact. All the breeds meet together in the parks and teach us good manners. To share quality time with those we love, relax during the day, and think that life is not only about work and money.

You come in different colors and sizes. That little to fit into those small bags to ride the subway or big enough to scare us when we meet on the street. But you are always friendly, whether black, white, yellow or whatever color your owner likes the most.

That is a great thing in New York. It has a place for everyone, and all manage to live peacefully no matter the color, the breed, the size, and… the views.

Yes, the way you think is often noteworthy. Your lack of ego makes you the least selfish being on earth. It’s your secret, your strength, what makes you adorable. But, we humans, do we know that?

* * *

* * *

One day, a dog was resting on a bench. It was a rainy day in a park on Broadway on the Upper West Side in Manhattan. The owner was sitting nearby on another bench, and the dog seemed to think… “why do those humans always argue and curse at each other? I am so fortunate to have a great, caring, loving owner.”

Published: April 5th, 2023 | Last Edited: April 5th, 2023 | NEW YORK – Articles |


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