Oh, those food labels…! Do you not check them out before buying a product? Today that is inexcusable! So then, please do not complain about health issues that come out of the blue… because they come out of the… labels!

Even popular products consumers have been buying for generations have many unhealthy ingredients. You may say now that you often cannot read them. Yes, you have a point there, but I do this: I usually don’t buy the product if they are written in tiny letters that require a magnifier. It’s the companies’ fault, not mine. I’m sorry… After all, products with super healthy ingredients typically “show off” them; they are written in big, clear, and often bold letters.

In addition, as many say, if your granny does not recognize some of those ingredients, you’d better think twice about buying the product. Likewise, if those ingredients are that many that outnumber the beautiful beaches of Chios island in Greece, you should be careful. Chances are, there are a few unhealthy among them.

If a product is made with very healthy ingredients (pretty rare), buy it and add it to your green list. But do not stop there. Go the extra mile… go a bit out of your way and do something more. Contact the company and let it know you love the product for its high quality. Do so when you don’t like a product as well and explain to them the reasons. Most companies listen… The more people complain about the poor quality of a product, the more the chances the company will improve it. The problem is that we rarely bother to do that, to send negative or positive feedback. Positive feedback is essential, too, but it has almost gone… extinct.

Years ago, I was shocked and impressed when I contacted a huge company abroad to send feedback, and it listened. I had an idea that could help it grow faster. “I doubt whether it will respond…” I thought, but I sent an email. Though it did not get back to me, I saw they implemented my idea in detail after a few months and benefited greatly. It did not say a thank you, but I didn’t mind. What mattered most was seeing something significant happening that would immensely help the company and its customers.

I also can’t express how I felt (I loved it) when another company emailed me back to thank me. It was not a typical thank you but a genuine, coming from the heart. I had been so impressed by its offered service that I felt the need to tell it. I was surprised by its response. It appreciated my positive feedback because, as it said, no one ever bothers to contact a company to express their love for a product. That, it kept saying, is always helpful for all companies (even the most successful) as it encourages them to keep going and evolving. Appreciation is always great to be shown…

Over the years, many more examples have shown me that we, the consumers, have great power, but we forget it. I realized that, for so many years, I had never gotten involved more actively in improving things I did not like around me. If we could send kind feedback for any product or service, the world would move forward faster.  So, instead of complaining about your poor health, instead of just turning your back to low-quality products, inform the companies of both the negative and the positive you see in their products. You will be amazed by the results and know that your action has helped in that progress, meaning that you truly live in this world and take care of it. Remember to spread the word about the good products you discover and use. Let your friends know…!

Environmental Working Group is an American non-profit organization that educates about harmful chemicals in food and cosmetics and promotes safe-to-use products. Although it has been criticized at times for being biased (promoting mostly organic products), it is a great online source where everyone can learn about essential topics and be more product safety conscious.

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Oh, those labels!

Oh, those food labels...! Do you not check them out before buying a product? Today that is inexcusable! So then, please do not complain about health issues that come [...]