SANTA: … I always bring gifts to the adults, too; they just don’t see them with their physical eyes… But this year, I will fulfill three wishes for all humans. Do not ask why… You will understand soon…

ME: I wish the whole world Good Health, Happiness, and all the Love!

SANTA: I do not understand…

ME: I would like the whole world to have Good Health, Happiness, and all the Love!

SANTA: What do you mean?

ME: I would like all people not to suffer from diseases, enjoy life, and love each other.

SANTA: I still do not understand…

ME: I stopped consuming unhealthy food, started sending pleasant and optimistic news to everyone around me, and began promoting anything beautiful created by people I know or come across.

SANTA: Your wishes have just been fulfilled Dear Kosmas, words get up there, but…

There are millions of books I have filled with wishes. They all sit there… dusty in the library. I fulfill only children’s wishes. Wish internally and act externally. Wish “Happy New Year,” but also add, “I have started doing this… What about you?” Give ideas to those around you and help them take action.

What do you do to be healthy, bring joy to the world, and love one another? So, get some ideas… Learn from the best, from those you trust, from those who do not put money above everything else. It’s challenging but not impossible. And if you succeed, show the way to others. Find out what your human rights are, your country’s and the world’s history. Explore this planet. Seek the truth about me and everyone up there. Do not be a stranger in the mass, but one with first and last name. Take life into your own hands, and do not trust easily those around you.

Health, Joy, and Love… do not fall from the skies. So, fewer words and wishes, and more actions…!

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