Strength training involves exercises with resistance. Such activities may include your body weight, dumbbells, or barbells with weights, rubber bands, machines, and various other equipment.

There are many methods today that are used to increase Strength and improve muscle functions. Some of the most known are the Strength training with machines and weights in gyms, Pilates, Yoga, CrossFit, and many others. Regardless of what you like the most, it is good to know a big truth. The traditional and classic way of Strength training in a gym is irreplaceable. All professional & non-professional athletes use that method as the major way of increasing their Strength and improving their muscles. It is the pillar of your strength training and the foundation of your Strength, but also the most powerful weapon in your arsenal to reach high strength levels. All the other ways are good, too, and can be used alongside that main method. If you are not attracted by that type of exercise, stick to one of the rest, but if you like it even a little, make it your primary strength training method and supplement your workouts with any of the other ways you like.

Work on every muscle group in each workout. Although many like training different muscle groups in each workout, that is not the best option for maximum Strength levels. Those who do so do not have the best results, but they also more often use questionable or dangerous supplements that “fake” their workouts giving them the impression that they train hard and have great results for a muscle group with fewer workouts.

The technique of the exercises and the right resistance are essential for having the best results, but also for avoiding injuries. Sadly, injuries happen very often because Strength training is taken a bit lightly, not only by exercisers but even at times by big Exercise organizations or well-known magazines. The best advice? Always listen to your body and stop using an exercise if it feels wrong to you. Every body is different, and no exercise is the best fit for everyone.

Compared to Cardio (Cardiorespiratory) training, Strength training is underestimated. Some experts or scientists recommend more cardio, or even some of them may say at times that cardio alone is sufficient for being fit. However, that refers to the heart’s good fitness and not the overall fitness. Cardio training alone cannot lead to great overall fitness. Period. Exercisers who follow programs that include only cardio training (i.e., walking, running, biking, swimming, etc.), for sure, lack good fitness. They do not have good symmetry in the body, scoliosis, kyphosis, and similar issues are noticeable, their Strength is limited, and the muscles are small with signs of atrophy. Injuries occur more often because the weak muscles and tendons do not keep the joints healthy enough and well “tied.” Bones also appear to have less density leading to osteoporosis with its devastating results. So, never neglect your strength training, and always but always include it in your weekly workouts.

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Strength training involves exercises with resistance. Such activities may include your body weight, dumbbells, or barbells with weights, rubber bands, machines, and various other equipment. There are many methods [...]

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